Last Comes First


Marsèll Paradise
Via Privata Rezia 2, Milan


24 September 2021
7–10 PM


25 September 2021
3 October 2021

Marsèll presents Last Comes First, a multimedia installation by Rrose, Californian techno and electronic music producer.

Marsèll Paradise hosts Last Comes First, an exhibition by Rrose, alter ego of Seth Horvitz, Californian composer, academic, producer, and performer who has worked in the field of techno and electronic music for over twenty years. The exhibition features six images of material textures, which come to life in a series of endless video loops. It is an intimate visual investigation, which uses a simple editing process to transform a series of organic figures into moving images that transmit a hypnotic force. The title Last Comes First includes a reference both to footwear—in English the word “last” identifies the form on which shoes are modelled—and to Marsèll’s desire to go back to its roots and the elements that define the brand’s identity. Marsèll has always invested in artistic collaborations and believes in spontaneity and multidisciplinarity as a stylistic signature. By choosing Rrose, a reserved and introspective artist who explores the boundaries of identity and gender, the brand confirms its interest in working with people who are able to pose new questions and create unexplored imagery. For the presentation of the project, Rrose has given Marsèll exclusive rights to Sporophyte, an unreleased audio track that will feature on their next album.

“I am less of a maker and more of an observer. I usually stumble upon the most inspiring sounds and images by simply waiting patiently for them to appear rather than actively seeking them out.”
“Sometimes I transform a sound in a simple way, and then I do it again to the resulting sound. And again. And again. Like a handmade algorithm.”