Humble Force

A photographic series by Mattia Balsamini focusing on Marsèll’s understated style and artisanal attitude.

Humble Force: an oxymoron that perfectly embodies the Marsèll identity, linking understated, never ostentatious work and the powerful, imaginative vision that makes it possible. Mattia Balsamini chose to represent this synergy as Marsèll’s most distinguishing feature in a series of images that tell the story of the brand’s production chain. The photography series explores Marsèll production from the perspective of materials, which are studied, cut, coloured, and marked. The presence of hands is never explicitly depicted, leaving the artisanal gesture to the imagination. The process is not a secret phase in this work, quite the opposite, it is the abstract, coarse, physical expression of the brand’s craftsmanship. These analog photographs bear witness to that method and are exhibited in the basement space of Marsèll Paradise, providing a powerful representation of the Marsèll identity, underpinned by an impressive authentic production process from design to manufacture. The exhibition is curated by Matete Martini.


MATTIA BALSAMINI moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and studied at Brooks Institute of California with a focus on advertising photography. In 2010, he started working at David LaChapelle’s studio as a studio assistant and archivist. In 2011, after obtaining a BA with honourable mention, he returned to Italy. Since then, he has been teaching at IUAV University of Venice while working as a photographer, with a focus on technology and its sociological implications. Over the years, he has carried out personal and editorial projects for institutions such as MIT, NASA, and the University of Zurich’s Institute of Forensic Medicine. His images reveal an interest in people and their stories, the functional aspects of technology, and the graphic elements of the ordinary. He has been exhibited at the Milan Triennale, MAXXI Roma, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, and the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco. He is currently represented by photo agency Contrasto.


Photography: Mattia Balsamini