Forme Visive/1

A digital initiative featuring artworks by seven contemporary photographers.

Marsèll introduces Forme Visive, a digital initiative that features a diverse roster of artists that use photography as a tool to explore themselves and the times they live in. The first edition includes works by Li Hui, Martina Maffini, Claudia Zalla, Ilaria Orsini, Barrie Hullegie, Luca De Santis and Piotr Niepsuj. Marsèll’s goal with Forme Visive is to foster a form of “sustainable communication” as opposed to the overproduction of content that the brand sees as a form of environmental pollution. The initiative is consistent with Marsèll’s history of supporting emerging creative talents and experimental approaches to art and design.









LI HUI is a Chinese photographer based in Shanghai. She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2003 and has since developed a body of work recognized for finding beauty in the simplicity of everyday life.

MARTINA MAFFINI is an Italian photographer based in Paris. Her work is characterized by a deep connection to landscapes and our emotional relationships with nature. Maffini is also a co-founder of Depasquale+Maffini Studio.

CLAUDIA ZALLA is an Italian photographer based in Milan. Her personal research probes into the unique dynamics of daily existence in urban landscapes. Specializing in fashion and design, Zalla often collaborates with brands and magazines.

ILARIA ORSINI is an Italian photographer. Her work, which uses angles, geometric forms and spontaneity to create striking visual narratives, has been featured in publications like Double magazine, Vogue Italy and Another magazine.

BARRIE HULLEGIE is a Dutch photographer celebrated for his distinctive style in fashion and portraiture. Based in the Netherlands, Hullegie founded in 2018 and is committed to crafting intimate, genuine portraits of his subjects.

LUCA DE SANTIS is an Italian photographer and director based in Milan. His photographic works are known for their compelling narratives. He is also the editor and creative director of Cartography magazine.

PIOTR NIEPSUJ is a Polish photographer and image consultant based in Milan. His signature style offers a tender yet raw depiction of urban life. Niepsuj is also a freelance photo editor and creative consultant.