Forme Visive/2

For the second year, Marsèll delves into the visual archives of young photographers from around the world.

Forme Visive, presented by Marsèll, invites photographers from diverse backgrounds—spanning art, fashion, travel, design and architecture—to capture the times we live in from their own unique perspectives. The resulting images serve as authentic snapshots of their personal realities. This edition of Forme Visive features Aitor Bigas, András Ladocsi, Kata Geibl, Jacob Howard, Sebastian Rogowsk, Margherita di Battista and Yu Lin Humm. Forme Visive aims to fight the overproduction of visual content by practicing what it calls “sustainable communication.” In an era of heightened digital interconnection, Marsèll’s approach is to avoid creating new visual materials, and instead add value to existing content by narrating it anew.









AITOR BIGAS is a Spanish audiovisual artist based in Barcelona. His work emerges from a curiosity about sculpture and architecture, as well as symbolic imagery. Bigas has also produced short films, including Imperia, and music videos, including Seneca for Pedro Vian.

ANDRÁS LADOCSI is a Hungarian artist whose photographs blend naturalism with realism in tight compositions. He is based in Paris, where he aims to capture the truth in his subjects, producing work marked by a noticeable cohesion and a distinct aesthetic vision.

JACOB HOWAD is a New Zealander photographer and art director who divides his time between his home country and France. His photographic work, driven by travel and a fascination with the unknown, often captures transitory moments and questions his own place in the world.

KATA GEIBL is a Hungarian photographer based in The Hague. Her photography focuses on global issues, including life under the Anthropocene, and uses metaphors and allegories to address contemporary conditions. Her work includes the award-winning piece Sisyphus.

MARGHERITA DI BATTISTA is an Italian photographer based in Milan. Her conceptual photography spotlights the small yet significant details and moments of everyday life. She is also a co-founder of Studio Mare.

SEBASTIAN ROGOWSKI is a Polish photographer based in Rotterdam. His practice, initiated in 2017, includes projects like The Desert Fever and Suicidal Birds, which are often inspired by places with challenging histories and rapid cultural transformations.

YU LIN HUMM is an Italian photographer. Her work focuses mostly on analog photographs of her travels, which are curated into a series of fine art photographs. She has also worked with fashion photography and cinematography.