È Amore. O È Follia?


Marsèll Paradise
Via Privata Rezia 2, Milan


9 July 2020
12 AM–12 PM


10 July 2020
31 July 2020

A visual record of the iconic Italian club Cocoricò, at Marsèll Paradise.

Marsèll Paradise hosts the launch of a book, an exhibition and a talk on Cocoricò, the legendary Riviera Romagnola club that was the epicenter of European night culture between the late 1980s and early 1990s. Curated by Jacopo Lega, È Amore. O È Follia? Cocoricò 1991–1992 looks closely at the Riviera Romagnola club scene, revealing a moment of radical experimentation in the history of Europe’s nightlife. Both the book and the exhibition feature flyers, photographs and documents from the personal archive of Ferruccio Belmonte, who was the creative director of Cocoricò between 1990 and 1993. The exhibition also features House Train, a rare VHS video by Italian cultural promoter Roberto Spallacci. The talk sees Belmonte and Lega in conversation with Yorgos Angeletopoulos from the cultural platform Amphibia. È Amore. O È Follia? Cocoricò 1991–1992 fulfills Marsèll Paradise’s mission of nurturing projects that foster a dialogue between art, music, and publishing and investigating moments, contexts and ideas that remain underexplored in spite of their creative power.


AMPHIBIA is a creative platform run by Yorgos Angeletopoulos that stands at the crossroads of night culture and visual arts by collaborating with local and international artists in print media projects.

FERRUCCIO BELMONTE is an emblematic character of Italy’s nightlife culture. An avid explorer of cultural experiences, he started his career as the artistic director of Cocoricò from 1990 to 1993, and later worked for Tenax in Florence, Love Planet in Rimini, and Echoes in Misano Adriatico.

ROBERTO SPALLACCI has worked on various roles in the entertainment industry since 1980. He co-founded Latin Superb Posse with Lorenzo Betetto and Joe Costa in Turin in 1986, and is a co-founder of the Associazione Situazione Xplosiva and the C2C Festival with Sergio Ricciardone and Giorgio Valletta.

SPRINT is an artist-led, non-profit initiative established in 2013 to research and promote independent publishing. It hosts an annual art book fair in Milan and organizes its accompanying public program. It also runs the Risograph Workshop, where visual projects are created and printed in collaboration with artists and designers.


È Amore. O È Follia?
Curation: Jacopo Lega
Personal Archive: Ferruccio Belmonte
Editing: Amphibia

Installation Views: Sara Scanderebech