A Theme Is Not an Exhibition


Marsèll Paradise
Via Privata Rezia 2, Milan


4 December 2019
6–9 PM


5 December 2019
8 January 2020

An experimental project on the nature of an exhibition, at Marsèll Paradise.

Organized by Dario Salamone, Ivo Sekulovski and Luca Grottoli, A Theme Is Not an Exhibition is a group show that explores new approaches to curation and display by eschewing a defined theme. Like Marsèll with its products, the show challenges traditional practices, reducing its content to the essential and allowing for freedom of interpretation. The photographic work of six artists—Bastien Gomez, Dario Salamone, Ivo Sekulovski, Luca Grottoli, Romain Mader and Todd Deutsch—is displayed on the blank walls of Marsèll Paradise. An uncomplicated disposition that hides complex questions. Is curation an imposition? Who is allowed to practice it? What assumptions lie behind it? Echoing a key idea for Marsèll, A Theme Is Not an Exhibition puts forward the idea that, when curators refrain from connecting works, the imagination of viewers is free to roam between them, generating personal and original interpretations.


DARIO SALAMONE is a fine art and fashion photographer. He was born in Agrigento, Italy, in 1984. Today he lives and works between Milan and Paris.

IVO SEKULOVSKI is a visual artist who uses the medium of photography to investigate and question the notions of culture, territory and identitye. Born in 1992 in Ohrid, a city in today’sNorth Macedonia, he currently lives and works in Milan.

LUCA GROTTOLI i is known for his ironic and spontaneous approach to fashion photography. His works display a wide range of emotions, creating carefully composed images with a highly attuned sense of color and composition. Born in Parma in 1987, he’s currently based between Milan and London.

ROMAIN MADER was born in Aigle, Switzerland, in 1988, and works in Zurich. TODD DEUTSCH was born in 1968 in Minneapolis, USA, where he works. BASTIEN GOMEZ was born in 1994 in Paris, France, where he works.


A Theme Is Not an Exhibition
Organization: Dario Salamone, Ivo Sekulovski, Luca Grottoli.
Artworks: Bastien Gomez, Dario Salamone, Ivo Sekulovski, Luca Grottoli, Romain Mader and Todd Deutsch
Graphic Design: Lorenzo Boero
Fine Art Prints: Lomascher
Installation Views: Sara Scanderebech