Lights and Shadows

Marsèll presents the next Fall Winter 22/23 collection via an editorial project by photographer Ilaria Orsini, who stages a new act inspired by experimental theatre rehearsals.

A piece of architecture photographed with natural light will always be divided by a clear line that separates light from dark. This is the starting point for the new Fall Winter 22/23 collection by Marsèll. The brand’s philosophy is underpinned by the idea of construction as an element that reflects the shapes of our era. We are living through a time of great contrasts and Marsèll wishes to create artefacts that are able to find harmony in being together. Rounded lines, square or pointed toes, sculptural or asymmetrical heels. A perpetual exploration of structures, whether robust or thin and dilated. At times, the colours are vivid and organic with bright notes such as orange, blood red, caramel, and cobalt blue. At others, the mood becomes colder and more urban with asphalt, lead, off-white, and midnight blue. The editorial project to present the collection has been entrusted to photographer Ilaria Orsini, who stages an act inspired by experimental theatre rehearsals. A new way of revealing oneself where figures in motion or poised to move emerge from the darkness into the light of a small stage.


ILARIA ORSINI studied Visual Communication and holds a master’s degree in photography. Her offbeat approach to fashion photography hails a new breed of photographers who are elegantly using angles, geometric forms, and simple details to achieve striking results. Her spontaneity often leads to the fusion of chance elements in her work, creating remarkable combinations. Orsini’s photography combines elements from the street, the studio, and different interiors, a trait recognisable in her first shoots for Double Magazine, Vogue Italia, Another Magazine, and others.


Photography: Ilaria Orsini